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No Vancancy

who asked you?

just Mello, thanks
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Shallow dip inside
and past the bland
cover, the mild-mannered
calculator functions of
now now now and
they see you.
Towering presence so
Of course you should
Obey what he says the wife
To the husband bound by
Tightly compressed vows.
Deep inside like the mocked
Monsters of your childhood and
Your praised fears of a shadow
Antagonist when you’re not the
One who’s the main character.
You. Feel. Something.
And it’s not a phoenix of the sun
Rising and it’s not the bubbles of
Pride when you do something you know
Is right. This is wrong.
This is rage.
And then you hate and abhor and
Despise and you tear scream shred.
And then then then it’s time to let go
Big baby who can’t won’t wants to grow up
And a mummy that soothes you delicately
Before sending you off to a paper-thin life.
You submit.